Problem to Knowledge Linking Demonstration:
ICD-9-CM Codes as Problem to Knowledge Linkers or Knowledge Hooks

Below is a screenshot of an Electronic Patient Record System (EPR). Click on '706.1 Acne Vulgaris' in the Diagnosis box. This will retrieve resource records on Acne Vulgaris from HealthCyberMap database. The linking is possible because both the EPR and HealthCyberMap use the same clinical coding system (ICD-9-CM in this case; the EPR codes diagnoses in ICD-9-CM, while HealthCyberMap crisply describes the subjects of the Web resources stored in its database using the same ICD-9-CM codes). A link between the two systems in the form of:
is all what is needed to perform the query and link the EPR to contextually relevant medical knowledge and guidelines. Problem-specific knowledge (the right, contextually relevant knowledge) linked to real patient data is the key to informed clinical decision making and better outcomes.

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